Classic and Volume eyelash extension course

Modele Beauty Academy is proud to offer the Classic and Volume Lash Artist Certification to our students.

Under the direction of our experienced Instructors, you will learn the fundamental theory and techniques to become a certified Lash Technician, as well as gain invaluable knowledge from the Instructors experience in the industry.

Our two day Classic and Volume Lash Extension Course teaches all the fundamentals of eyelash extension application and techniques. We will teach you everything from the growth cycle to skin diseases, safe application techniques and placement of lash extensions which will give you all the tools needed for success. Students will learn the Classic lash technique on the first day of the course while getting hands on practice on a model. On the second day of the course they will practice the volume technique on a second model with Instructor supervision. We review marketing and pricing strategies, including guidelines on how to build your brand and grow your business. Please keep in mind this is a course for beginners. Students are encouraged to join our Master classes upon graduation to learn more expert techniques and fine tune their skills.

* Small class sizes
* One-on-one coaching
* Practical application on two models
* Taught by a licensed industry expert
* Instructor demonstration
* Full lash extension kit included ($500+ value)

Modele Beauty Academy is proud to offer a Hair Extension Specialist Certification to our students. This Lovelle course is made for beginners with no experience required.

Under the direction of our experienced Instructor, you will learn the fundamental techniques to properly and professionally install tape and fusion human hair extensions.

Our two day Hair Extension Course teaches everything from the understanding your client’s needs, the different types of hair, methods of installation, application, removal as well as shaping and cutting. We will ensure our students are equipped with all the tools needed to build their own successful hair extension businesses. Students will practice on a mannequin head with Instructor supervision. Day 1 will be tape installation, and day 2 will provide hands on training for fusion installation. We review marketing and pricing strategies, including guidelines on how to build your brand and grow your business.

The classes will be held in small groups, to ensure that you will receive plenty of personal hands-on training and attention. All course materials will be provided during the training as well as a Hair Extension Installation kit to take home.

Learn the latest techniques and trends in beauty and fashion world during our two day hands-on course.

We’ll bring you up to speed on the latest tools and techniques that create impactful, long-lasting looks for special occasions. If becoming a professional makeup artist has always been a dream of yours, our program, will fully equip you with all the in’s and out’s of the industry and gain the skills and tools you need to thrive as a freelance artist.

We will focus on two categories:
Natural Beauty
Glamour Makeup

Freelance makeup artists earn a comfortable living so long as they market their services, manage their clients, and maximize profits. But in order to be really successful, you have to treat your freelance career as a business, and start thinking like a business owner.

This course will teach you everything you need to know about makeup technique, application and theory, and we’ll give you a crash course in smart business practices. Perfect for those just starting out in the industry!

Learn the fundamentals of lash lift & tint in the accredited lash lift training.

Marketing, business strategies, business registration, health and safety, consent forms, and much more are included and covered. BEGINNER FRIENDLY.

Kit components:
Lash Lift Serum
Neutralizer Serum
Nourishing Oil
Lash Cleanser
Lash Bath Solution
Glue Rings
Lash Tint (black)
Applicator Brushes
Cleaning Tools
Lash Lift Pads (5 sizes)
Gel Pads
Seperation Combs

Join the beauty industry in the hottest and upcoming new trend – Brow Lamination. The process of laminating the brows allows you to recreate the shape of the eyebrow into a new, and defined shape. The beginner friendly course will take you over the fundaments and advanced portions of brow lamination.

Kit Includes:
Lifting Solution
Brow Holding Glue
Fixing Solution
Nourishing Solution
Refectocil Tint
Tint Activator
Masacara Wands
Microfibre Brushes
Lifting Tool
Brow Bath
Applicator Rings
Plastic Film